I love a good retrospective meeting — when the team writes down what’s working, what could be improved. We scribble on sticky notes and place them firmly on a white board. (Admittedly, it’s hard to get the same satisfaction of placing a virtual sticky note, but it’s possible.)

Handled well, this meeting is good for everyone in the room: They share their challenges and their appreciation, and they see what their peers are challenged by and appreciative of.

And then, there’s the analysis. Sticky notes shared by individuals are clustered and patterns start to emerge. I find that it helps…

When I was starting out in textbook publishing, we did financial simulation models for each new textbook. Each new book got its financial simulation alongside a templated marketing brief that was circulated around in a red folder so that everyone would sign it. The “red folder” process was how books got approved.

It was a deeply flawed process. Sure the bean counters would argue that it helped contain costs, but the unspoken way things actually got done were a few market realities:

1) Those financial simulations went out the window if the book was a priority of someone in management…

Bennett Morrison

Product leader. bennettmorrison.com

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